Dub Haiku may be from the small mountain town of Lyons, Colorado, but their music brings such pure reggae vibes you'd think you were chilling on a warm beach by the ocean. The 4 piece group spins their own version of the classic genre, bringing elements of roots, dub, hip hop, and modern jam. The band formed in 2017 and quickly dropped a self-released EP, recorded just months after their lineup began to solidify. The four track EP demonstrates their original songwriting skills, and is just a glimpse of what the future holds for these crusaders of modern reggae. Dub Haiku maintains a steady schedule of local shows in the Boulder/Denver area, gaining new fans and venue support with their raw and entertaining shows.

Garrison Schulte - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Melodica

Garrett Long - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Alex Bullen - Bass, Synth, Backup Vocals

Matthew Meloney - Drums, Backup Vocals

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