The musicians known as Dub Haiku all have one thing in common - they love listening to, talking about, and playing reggae music. 15 miles north of Boulder Colorado, in an old farmhouse by a gurgling creek, the band can play to their heart’s content. Heavily influenced by their time spent in tropical locales like Hawaii, Costa Rica, and the islands of South East Asia, the guys want to bring that same laid back, positive groove to the Mile High State which they call home.

In 2017, the band released its debut EP. The album speaks hope to a troubled world with songs about healthy living, meditation, and keeping a cool head when things get tough. Reverb soaked, with fat basslines and catchy melodies, the album shows the guys have some potential to make some pretty dope music together. Stay tuned for a forthcoming release!

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Garrett “G Money” Blazer - Voice, Guitar

Garrison James - Voice, Synths, Melodica

Alex “One Take” Bullen - Bass, Synth, Harmonies

Matthew Meloney - Drums, Harmonies


The Fox Theater - Town of Superior, CO Chili Festival - The Oriental Theater - Mile High Spirits - Your Mom’s House - Oskar Blues - Mountain Sun - Southern Sun - Wibby Brewing 3rd Anniversary Bash - Lazy Dog Boulder - 88.5 KGNU Reggae Bloodlines - Moe’s Original BBQ - Pizza Bar 66 Halloween Bash (3 yrs running!) - and many more…


Policulture - The Elegant Plums - The Alcapones - Highway 50 - Mono Verde Collective - Intuit - Zagriculture - Rebelde - Then I Fly

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